Chad Kapper

FPVFC CEO and Board Chair

Chad is a founder and CEO of multiple, successful startups with the last two in the Radio Control and First Person View industries.  Currently, Chad is the CEO of Rotor Riot, LLC which is dedicated to educate and inspire people to participate in the FPV community. Rotor Riot is an ecommerce company as well as the source of content and education for FPV pilots.  Rotor Riot recently created and hosted Rotor Riot Rampage in Barnwell, South Carolina, an event which surpassed even Chad’s wildest expectations and brought together pro pilots, aspiring pilots and FPV enthusiasts from North and South America to fly, meet and compete.

Chad has shaped his company, Rotor Riot to be an advocate of the FPV multirotor community which has the largest public presence within the FPV multirotor community worldwide.  

Chad founded Flite Test and StoneKap Productions.  Chad served in the US Marine Corps and is married and a father in Ohio, USA.