Zoe Stumbaugh

Zoe FPV on YouTube

Zoe is a drone competition veteran having competed in every kind of drone event-- from combat to drone racing her skills on the sticks are world renown. Having won the first AMA Sanctioned FPV race in the USA- competing internationally in Freestyle, the godmother of 3D drone flying, and a core founder of X Class Drone Racing- having competed in more events than any other pilot in the league. Now with her Part 107 she’s looking to break into the film industry- translating her vast skills and knowledge of drones into a career as a high speed videographer.

Active Titles
Freestyle Director - Aerial Sports League
Founder - X Class Drone Racing
Founder - Team Dysonian
Advocate -  Diversity in Drones
Drone Instructor - Cabrillo College

Equipment Sponsors
IQ Motion Control
HypeTrain Motors
Helios RC

Past Accomplishments & Work Experience

  • Won the first AMA Sanctioned FPV Race
    2nd Place Drone Worlds 2016 - Freestyle Competition
    2015 & 2016 Drone Nationals Freestyle Pilot
    Holder of over 20 trophies/title wins in Drone Sports.

  • Co-Developed the Twitch 109- worlds first GoPro carrying 3inch

  • Co-Developed the Excaliber Frame with Built Drones, fixed pitch 3D freestyle frame.

  • Spearheaded the BeeRotor 80amp ESC project, used by DR1 Pro Class, DRL for creating the world's fastest quad, and used extensively as firework displays in X Class Drone Racing.

  • Early consultant with DR1 Racing for their first drone racing projects.

  • Consultant and Pilot for Tattu - Helping develop and test new battery tech & designs.

  • Developer of the “Zoe” 2010-2400kv Brushless Motor, providing increased efficiency and power over many traditional pancake motor designs. Gram for gram still one of the best motors on the market.

  • Consulted with APC, Master AirScrew, RaceKraft, and GemFan on new propeller designs- having helped develop several 3D props on the market along with helping the creation of the 13x12x3 Master AirScrew prop that has taken over DR1 Pro Class and X Class Drone Racing Respectively.

  • Motor Tester/Consultant for IQ Motion Control, developing next generation power systems for drones- enable a new realm of flying for 3D paired increased efficiency and smoother operation.

  • 2004-2008 - 4 years of Social Media & Marketing Experience as director of technology at a now defunct creative agency.

  • 2009-2012 - Computer Science Major & Theater Arts Minor at Cabrillo College

  • 2013 - Health Issues

  • 2014-2018 - “Drone Life”