Dave Messina

FPVFC President and Board Member

I started flying model airplanes with my brother when I was 10.  These were control line models made of balsa which flew great with Cox 0.049 engines.  The smell of castor oil still brings back memories! I had a long gap in my model airplane passion as I learned about tearing down and repairing cars and motorcycles and went to college to become a mechanical engineer.  Soon after graduating, I had enough time to fly models again. Over the years I’ve flown radio control model airplanes and helicopters and in 2016 I purchased my first FPV quad and I was hooked. I find it a magical experience to fly a FPV quad and see the world as if you were in the cockpit of the aircraft!  Over the last year, I’ve had the privilege of being the Business Advisor to Rotor Riot. My background in RC and FPV enables me to be part of the community at Rotor Riot and my nearly four decades in the global technology industry as well as banking gives me the experience to be a Business Advisor. My nearly four decades in the tech industry spanned jobs as a design engineer, a salesman selling structural analysis software to managing teams in development, sales, marketing, product management and mergers and acquisitions in segments of hardware, software and services.  My banking experience has been nearly two decades on the Board of a small, privately held bank. On a personal side, I’m blessed to be married to my best friend and we have a son whom we adore almost as much as we love our daughter in law :)

The combination of a career working in technology, half a career working in banking as well as managing teams of people and my experience in Radio Control models and FPV gives me the experience and passion to lead the FPVFC as president.