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The FPV Freedom Coalition is still evaluating the full impact of HR302 on the recreational FPV hobbyists, as the most important details have yet to be released by the FAA. They have deadlines, ranging from 60 to 270 days, to produce and publish further policy. For example, they have 180 days to define the knowledge test as well as publish an Advisory Circular describing CBO designation/application.

Although Section 336, Special Rule for Model Aircraft, has been repealed by the FAA Reauthorization Act of 2018, we feel the existing regulation remains in force until struck from the Federal Register. During this transition period, the FAA will phase in new regulation over the next 270 days and may wait to remove 336 until Section 349 is formally implemented.

We will continue to evaluate and interpret the new regulations for the community. Reactions from the community have been mixed so far as they gain the knowledge to understand just what is happening. Overall, we see no "show-stopping" issues but there is plenty of work ahead for us. We view aspects of this bill as a well-thought-out invitation to groups just like the FPV Freedom Coalition, inviting us to get involved and lend our expertise in ensuring the safety of the national airspace. This is a goal we share with the FAA and, more importantly, we eagerly accept the challenge.